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The Nexus

Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain

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The Nexus

Come on in, take a seat, have some tea or a platter of... cookies. This is the Nexus.

Join this community to chat about Star Trek, role-play or worship Hugh, the sexy Borg. (Please excuse Barin, she wrote this blurb and her views, while divine, are strictly hers and not the community's)

About Us

When the WBS was thriving, we were there. As 'smallish' chat hub dedicated to Star Trek. Though we were officially a chat, many a (now) famous role-play was had there.

In The Nexus we fought Borg, Romulans... little nasties from the Nintendo system... We avoided Dr. T'Par's hemlock tea and pretended her back room with all sorts of illegal creatures didn't exist. Late night, the girls of the Nexus could be found exploring the WBS and hunting either men or dragons (those peeps in the dragon room really had no sense of humour!).

Of our group of Nexusians, real-life marriages formed as did lasting friendships.

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