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Nuchtchas (Nutty, NIMLAS, however you know me)

Clifftin Blaze and Richard Hawkings (X-posted)

Setting:  Star Trek (Aboard the British Colombia - Firebrand Flagship)
Players:  Richard "Bruno" Hawkins  (AoV) / Clifftin Blaze (Nuchtchas)


Clifftin was pouring over Data in her quarters, they were in a pickle this she knew.  She also knew that it would pass, it would eventually all go back to the way it was.  That is how life worked out.  What she wanted more then anything was to spare as many lives in the process as she could.  She knew this Civil War business smelled funny, she knew it was not all it seemed, and it irked her a bit.  

"That is life though,"  she muttered under her breath as she flung a data padd out of her hands.  She could not go on starring at the screen any longer.  "I need a Pop."  She said as she rose and looked about for something to throw on so she could be 'presentable' as she roamed the corridors of the BC.

She pulled a soft white satin robe from her closet and threw it about her shoulders before slipping on a pair of slippers.  "It is 0300 hours, no one will be about.  This will do I am sure."  She hummed to herself and set off.

There was something about the hum of a ship in the wee hours of the night that was comforting.  She did not know if was instinct having been produced by two people who spent most of their lives in space, or just something to do with her longing for space as a child.  When she was young she was raised on a small planet away from her parents, they visited from time to time but it was never enough.  Each night she would look up into the stars and imagine they were looking back at her.  She missed her Vulcan mother, now as much as when she was young.  It had been a long time since her mother died, even then Clifftin was kept away from her family, and her existence denied.  Luckily in her more recent years she and her ever youthful father were reunited and she did not have to miss him so much.

Walking through the dimly lit halls she walked softly as she heard something unusual, someone was just past the next bend she was sure.  The air was disrupted and she thought she heard the faint scratching of metal upon metal.  With her guard up and her hand touching the power slightly she crept up to the turn and quickly poked her head to see who it was.

Her heart caught in her through as she realized it was only Bruno on the other side.  He appeared to be doing something with one of the security computers.  "Hot damn!"  She exclaimed as she panted softly, "You startled me there Hawk."  Hawk was a nickname she had given him upon their first meeting.  She was odd like that, she liked to have a good nickname for anyone she worked closely with.  She hated using their standard names.  "Everything good?  Security wise?  it seems late to be tinkering."  Of course she knew late was the best time to tinker, when no one was watching.


Bruno might not be an engineer, but he's close enough for government work. When all but a fraction of your crewmates have been killed in a prolonged conflict you learn to fill in the gaps. You pick up skills. You adapt. There was a brutality to just picking up the slack and moving on, and inhuman simplicity to the philosophy, but each and every member of the last living crew of a doomed 25th century had sacraficed that small bit of humanity in order to survive.

That didn't mean he escaped unscathed. Bruno hadn't slept a full night's sleep in near enough a decade. He was lucky not to need the sleep, though at times he would welcome it. With so much waking time on his hands he couldn't help but keep busy. Hence diagnostic of the security network so thorough he was confirming by hand. A man can only work out so often in a day, after all, and holo-novels never did do much for him.

He had heard the shuffle of slippered feet before she rounded the corner. He didn't look up, though. He had guessed who it was, though he would never reveal just how.

`Sorry boss, I guess I'm just spooky like that.` The smile upon his usually stoic features is one she is on the short list to see. `Nothing wrong, though. I'm just being sceptic about the power of a computer to assess its own wellbeing.`


A wry smile crossed Clifftin's lips and she nodded, "Not trusting machinery, how very..."  She paused and put a finger to her pale lips and then continued, "Old fashioned of you?"  Bruno was from the future, more specifically a future that will never come to pass, yet he had so many old ways about him that it made Cliff feel at ease around him.  She had been raised by a man who was born in the early 20th century, old fashioned was her fashion.

She peeked at the computer he was working on, she remembered all the years of studying she did to learn computers and to relearn them with each generation she had lived.  Still the workings on the BC and some of the other ships belonging to Firebrand was far more advanced then anything she had known.  She was a paper pusher now, a figurehead if you will.  It was boring at times, she missed rolling up her sleeves and working through the night.  It was one of the few things she missed about her federation days.

"Well I was just out to grab a Pop, if I look at one more-"  She stopped abruptly, she looked into Bruno's dark eyes and at once she knew her Hawk had heard the noise too.  It was faint, like a powering up of something, and it was coming from the end of the hall she just exited.  Her eyes flashed white for a split second and she nodded to Bruno, there was something down there.  Something that didn't belong.  She didn't know how she knew, but she did.  Her eyes shifted to the computer, her eyes begged him to know if anything was showing up on the screen, anything to signal them to shoot first, question later.


Clifftin's father, that eternal teenager, had been a large influence in Bruno's own life. Though he hadn't inherited his anachronistic approach to things from the man, they had been honed by his presence. Bruno liked to get his hands dirty, and wrist deep in circuits was as close as things got on a ship. The old fashion comment is met with a hearty laugh, and he tips his head. `Anyone else would have said eccentric.`

The fact that she's his Captain's daughter hasn't colored his opinion of her. No, he's not the type to put stock in people that way. His respect for her has been well earned, and in many ways runs deeper than that he holds for her father. At the mention of a pop he can feel the need for a break seeping into his mind, but something stops the thought.

Only his eyes betray that he heard it too. A dip to the side, and then he looks right into hers, seeing confirmation enough he's not being paranoid. `I could use a break myself, mind if I join you?` He doesn't miss a beat, and though he carries on vocally as if he has heard nothing, he reaches to a neglected plasma spanner, hefting it, testing its weight a moment before loosening his grip upon it marginally.

He wasn't going to trust a screen to tell him if the threat was real. Bruno wasn't a hothead, but he trusted his gut.


It was game time, and she was ready for it.  Clifftin cocked her head to the side and took just a step behind Bruno, letting him take a bit of the lead.  He was the security guy after all.  "I got a case of Dr Pepper hidden away in the mess, I think I can let you scam one."  She too went on with the false conversation.

When they took a gander down the corridor it was an unbelievable sight.  three Borg drones were making their way down to them, followed by what looked to be an Andorian.  Though it was hard to tell since the drones blocked him from view mostly.

Pulling her head back she nudged Bruno softly, and mouthed out the words 'what the hell?'  She had a particular distaste for the Borg, they were responsible for her being lost in time and making her live a few more generations not to mention the ones she had already lived.  Making her a fugitive from herself and anyone she cared about.  How they were on the ship worried her, why they were there was also quite pressing, but the chance to kick some Borg tail was something she dreamed about.  She couldn't be happier.


The Borg. It took a few moments to comprehend. In his lifetime the Borg hadn't been a major threat. The only drones he had ever encountered were in tactical simulations, and to see one in the... flesh, it caused a small lapse in his senses. He tightens his grip on the spanner again, his face taking on an angry cast. Three drones and an unsub. The unsub was the ringleader. His gut, again.

He stops, holding up a closed fist to signal for her to do the same, and he considers. No more use in false words, the drones wouldn't care unless they met a specific profile. He runs a quick index, and frowns internally.

The nearest armory is two decks down.

Two decks too far. He's got a spanner and she's got slippers. Still, he outsizes the three drones easily. He'll be able to fend them off long enough for her to get armed. Curse his lack of a sidearm. He looks back to her over his shoulder, and gestures for her to follow.

Stepping out into the open, he acts as if the drones aren't even there. Common knowledge, drones ignore unless interfered with. At least its common myth.


Cliff tried to still her beating heart, she tried very hard not to jump on her impulses and just attack.  She wanted Borg blood so bad she could taste it, but she stopped herself, stopped and waited to follow Bruno's lead.  She walked calmly next to him, her soft slippers making a whisper of an echo along the hall.

As they approached the Party the Andorian shook his head, "Oh tsk, tsk, tsk, I am not going to make it easy on you two nightlings."  He pressed his thumb to a portable control panel and the three drones instantly turned their attention on Clifftin and Bruno.  Without thinking Clifftin jumped and pulled Bruno down with her to the ground.  They rolled as laser beams stopped inches from where they once stood.  The laser beams slowly dug through a 2 meter wall of ice that now separated them.

She lay on top of Bruno and frowned as she looked down into his black eyes, "Sorry Hawk, you found out one of my secrets.  That has never been good omen for my friends in the past."  It was why she neglected to tell him of the powers hiding within her.  Granted he had some idea, she was her father's daughter and he must have met other Blazes, seen other abilities.

She slowly pushed herself off him, for a moment regretting the change in position.  The lasers were breaking through the ice though, and they had to act quick.  "They saw what I can do.  All of them have to die now, even the blue guy.  Let just make sure we get some intel before he goes."

With a wave of her hand she melted the wall and the drones took a few seconds before they tried firing again.  Clifftin lifted her hands and two of the drone's firing arms were surrounded in an ice casing, the third seemed to be scanning her.  "Oh no you don't,"  she grunted as she pulled deep within her and shot out a blast of ice.  It was 5 meters in length, triangular in shape, pointed to a fine prick at each end and only about 24cm in diameter.  Cyborgs were strong but if you pierce them in their heart they die just like any other carbon based life form.

Cliff panted and grabbed onto the wall, she had not used that much power in a long time.  She was not like her father, with a hand always on the power.  Her powers scared her and she knew if she did not keep firm control she could end worlds.  "Your turn, Hawk."  She grunted


Nothing is quite as hot to Bruno as a gal who can toss him around a little. While it's not an appropriate thought, now or ever really, it's what runs through Bruno's head when she pulls him to the ground. Of course the wall of ice and the appology get his mind jumping tracks. `You?` He trails off, shuffling out the questions. She was the Captain's daughter and then some. Strange as the turn of events is, it's not completely crazy to him.

He isn't waiting when the wall drops. He's in motion already. Seeing the ice forming on the two drones, he jigs to the side, ignoring them. The Andorian's the key. He ducks the burst of fire from a sidearm, and shirks away momentarily from the lance of ice. Even as she grunts he reaches the Andorian. Drop shoulder, throw weight into the motion. He drives the taskmaster straight into the wall, and even as he does he drives a knee straight into the Andorian's groin.


As she regains composure she watches Bruno grab the Adorian and shove him into the wall.  She can hear grunts as he continues his assault on the blue man.  It is clear the Andorion is not a fighter by any means at all.  He was the brains of course.  As Bruno jabbed him in the gut with his knee the controller fell to the floor.  

Clifftin didn't wait till she was ready, she dove fore a quick shoulder roll between the two remaining drones and pulled herself over the corpse of the third.  Her hands were on it faster then she could think.  Looking over it she saw it was a simple interface, it was not even encrypted.  "Odd."  Clifftin said as she dial down the controls and watched the drones power down.  "It can't be that easy?"

She jumped to Bruno's side, she decided she would be the one to play good cop.  "That is enough Hawk, don't turn this twerp into your new punching bag."  She grinned slightly, "You are going to tell us everything, because I will hold back my friend if you do.  If not..."  She trailed off and looked back to the dead drone, "Well he will have fun beating you to a pulp, and then we will match your fate to that one."  She said pointing at the body.  "Your choice."

The Andorian didn't throw up much of a fight.  He surrendered his hands as if he were to be arrested.  "I give.  We are just scouts, here to tempt the security and then unlock all the shields so a boarding party can come and fully take over the facilities.


`Boarding party?`

Bruno grunts, and grabs a handful of the guy's collar, hefting him off of his feet. `Where's your ship at? And if the next words out of your mouth are an excuse or denial, trust me, you won't like it, so think hard.`

There were civillians on board, countless civillians. It may be a war they're steaming towards, but they couldn't just uproot everyone. Not until they got to Earth, at least. There lie secure facilities. Comfortable homes for them somewhere safe.


"Half a days warp from here, closer perhaps."  The Andorian spilled his guts like there was no tomorrow.  "We were sent ahead so they would not show up in your scanners.  And yes, before you ask, we have a cube full of borg with us.  All remote controlled like those three."

Cliff shook her head and then punched the guy in the nose, "LIAR!"  She spat at him, "All lies.  This control is too simple, you gave up too freely.  How much you want to bet the plan is we throw him in the brig, fiddle with this tech as to say, oh I don't know figure a way to control the incoming Borg?  And Zap!  they have open access to us, somehow.  A virus or something.  All the while, they don't have a Borg cube coming, they are not half a days away, they are within range of live real-time communications, just waiting for us to mess up and come take us all."  Cliff put her hands on her hips, good cop time was over.

"I would love nothing more then to spend hours fighting Borg drones, hell it would be fun to liven those up just to test myself.  Beating the ever living snot out of an Andorian, well that was never one of my dreams."  She shrugged, "Don't make me rip those thoughts from your head, I can do it.  If your intel tells you anything you know I am a Vulcan, who didn't follow the path of logic.  Trust me, I won't be asking your permission for a mind meld.  Spill it now, because if I go in there and find out you are lying, you will not be getting a cozy little brig to wait for the arrival of your compatriots!"  And then she showed her war face.  It was intimidating, she had centuries to practice it.

The blue guy actually wet himself, oh he was a tech alright.  "OK, OK, you are right.  I am supposed to wait in the brig, tap into the electric flow and unlock the ship from here.  You are right about the control, this was a trap.  They are coming, all they need is for me to open the locks.  If I don't report, they will find another way in.  They won't morn me, they will just replace me."  He started to beg, "Please, I have a family."


Borg and Andorians working in concert. It was a strange fellowship made stranger by the backdrop of civil war. It was twisting around in his head, melting into the anger at the endangerment of the people around him and the charge of adrenaline in his system.

`Family? And what about the families of all the people on this ship... the families that are on this ship?` He draws the Andorian from the wall, suspending him by nothing more than a bunched up grip of collar.

`You get what mercy you grant.`

The look in Bruno's eyes wasn't a murderous one. It was more dangrous. It was an empty, cold gaze that could bore through duranium. While the rational side of him would not condone cold blooded murder, he was only human.


Cliff chewed her lip, while she could theoretically bore into the Andorian's mind for the information, she has never been successful in doing so without losing all control, it was not a risk she was willing to take.  "No!"  She put her hand to Bruno's arm, har hand was freezing "Hawk, let him go.  We have all the information we need from him."

She pulled the Andorian away, he looked grateful and that was what made her sad.  "I'm sorry, there is no other way."  She whispered as she placed her hand over his chest and his whole body turned white as a corpse.  He fell to the floor with a loud crashing sound.  As Cliff turned to face Bruno she was about to say something.  She wanted to explain, why she had to be the one to kill him.  It was her secret he was dying for, she had to be the one.  It killed her but she knew if the information got out then ever civilian on this ship was in danger.  That was a risk she was not willing to take.

Before she could say anything though the last two drones woke up.  "Shit!"  Cliff exclaimed as she realized there must have been a second control on the drones, programed to wake them up if the Andorian were to die.

It was a blur, the movement of both she and Bruno.  Fists flying, Ice splintering, before she even realized what she was doing there were two more drones laying on the floor dead.  She was back on top of Bruno and they each were covered in the blood of the Borg they each killed.

She was so pumped with adrenaline, she couldn't even think straight, she knew they had to alert the rest of the crew.  Her father right away, but before she pulled herself off of Bruno she grabbed at him and pressed her cold lips the fire that was his own lips.  Her hands moved wildly across his defined chest and arms.  She hungrily took him in her mouth as her hands betrayed all modesty.  Just as she was about to cross a line that could never be undone she pulled herself away.

Pushing herself off him and covered her mouth.  "I... I'm sorry.  I shouldn't take advantage... I should learn to calm down."  She tried focusing, her mind was racing and her blood felt ready to boil.  If she didn't calm herself down she was likely to explode, literally.

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