Nuchtchas (Nutty, NIMLAS, however you know me) (nuchtchas) wrote in st_nexus,
Nuchtchas (Nutty, NIMLAS, however you know me)

Warp1 (Sorry for X-Posting)

For those of you in the RP world and/or have been to RP Party on you should know something. As posted here warp1 is no more. For the time being (and that may last a good long while) warp1 will no longer be available. We should all thank fyarr  for giving us a place to call home for as many years as he did. Warp1 was a great experiment that last for a good long time. It is a shame to see her go the way that ER, Webbfx, WBS and so many others have gone. Hopefully one day it will return. When that day comes I am sure people will be lined up and out the door.

For now though there are a few things to address.

My website:
All of the pictures once hosted on my site are no longer valid (and for some reason the boomspeed too) and live. My splash page on my art site is linking to something that is no longer there. Many of my files are not on the internet.
Do not fret, I have all of the files either on my computer or on my external hard drive. Anything I may have hosted for you will be moved to my other sites. and
I hope to do that this weekend.

Panels for people's rooms:

Yes if I have made a panel for you in the past chances are I have the files still and can piece it together again. IB uses a few different macros so I will have to tweak them for that site (or whatever site you may choose to move your room to.  So far STF and GM have moved there, I am sure more too)

RP Party:
IB ( has graciously allowed me to make a room on that site solely for RP Party.  It is called (you guessed it) RP Party, it will be open week round but mostly only busy during the parties.

So tomorrow RP Party is still up, just at another site.  So please register your accounts now so you are ready.

Here are some other great sites to go to now that warp1 is down:
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