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Nuchtchas (Nutty, NIMLAS, however you know me)

Confederation Play

Setting:  Star Trek
Players:  Sophia Hawkings (Nuchtchas) / Sandara Blaze (Kanga)


Sophia had started working on her daughter Sandara when she came home.  Always talking about balance, and wishing there was a way to make things better.  Sophia knew there was a better way then the randomness that seemed to control most people's lives.  Where would she be if she had not found some form of stability in her life, some guiding purpose?  Her daughter.

Looking down the beach at her daughter's small frame just at the water's edge made Sophia smile.  She watched the brilliant red hair she had passed down blow in the wind as the salt water splashed about Sandara's feet.  The break was almost over, she was going to miss her daughter very much. 

She didn't know how she could go on alone.  She had never been good at going it alone.  She never lasted more then a few months before going absolutely bonkers.  Yet she would never let her daughters know that, she lived for her daughters.

"Have you asked her yet?"  A voice came from behind her, closing her eyes she knew who it was at once, she didn't need to turn around.  "She is almost posted, not much time left."

"I will do it,"  Sophia said as calmly and softly as she could, "in my own time."

"Are you having second thoughts?  Do you think she might not want to join us?"  He asked with concern in his voice.  "If you have any doubts, then don't ask her.  There is no reason to... You don't want to ask her if she would say no."

"No I think she will agree.  I just need to be able to show her all the good she could do, how much healing."

"I want her safe as much as I have always wanted you safe.  I don't want her in any danger, that is the last thing I desire."

Sophia stiffened and then turned around, "You?  You were the one, you were the one who made sure she was safe?"

"What?  I don't know what you are talking about."  He lied.

"When she was switched, and we didn't know.  We buried... Sandy.  You sent me away, I found a new life, but how did Sandara end up in that marvelous orphanage?  How did she come to find Sr. Rose?"  Sophia knew he was lying to her, but why?

He hesitated and then she could see in his eyes, he was forced to come clean.  "I couldn't tell about her.  Not when I found out.  You had already left, to tell you would have torn you apart, you might not have made it if you found out then.  She was little, just a few years old.  I gave her to family."

Sophia shook her head, "Family?  What do you mean by family?  You are related to Sr. Rose?"

"Naw, I wish.  She is a great woman.  No, she is the one who raised,"  he bit his lip and paused.

"Tell me!"

"She is the one who raised Sandara's father."  He exhaled slowly as if a big weight was lifted from his shoulders.  "I know I never met him, but there was a reason she was switched, by a man the confederation abhors.  His name is Mordain Wraith, we found out about it.  I was sent to find out what I could.  I could tell she was yours right away.  We healed her as best we could, but there was no way of knowing the damage he had done.  Another member of the confederation came to her aid.  Sr. Rose, she knew how to work with her, and she could tell her patronage."

Sophia took a step backwards, "You mean?  No you can't know?"

"That your girls are not all human?  Yeah, we know.  we knew all along, but we have worked to protect the Blaze secrets.  Sr. Rose is very high in the organization and as you can tell, she is not exactly a simple human either.  She is older then your Billy Blaze, she is older then even we know.  Some whisper she is one of the founding members, who knows."

Sophia crossed her hands over her chest, "Wow, so the confederation is who I have to thank for keeping Sandara safe, but also who I have to thank for not telling me she was alive?"  She glared at him.

"We had no choice.  If you took her away she would have died, if you came back to stay with her you would never have reached your potential."  He placed a hand on her shoulder, "You know I never wanted you hurt, I have looked after things as best I could.  I wish those girls were my own, that is how strongly I feel for them."

"How can you feel so strongly for people you never met?"

"They are yours."

Sophia blinked, not quite sure what to do with that information, she changed the subject.  "All that was needed to cure Sandara was her sister, you were wrong to keep her away!"

"No, she needed her adult sister, as babes there was not enough of the... what did Sr. Rose call it?  Energy?  There was not enough, if they touched even once, the illness would have spread to Sandrine as well.  they both would have died."  He paused, "Look, you have to know, if you ask Sandara to join the confederation there is no turning back.  Please don't make the wrong choice."

Sophia shrugged him off and shook her head.  Her emotions were getting the better of her, so instead of continuing she walked over to a juice stand and got two waters.  She ignored her friend and walked down the beach to her daughter.  "Water?"  She asked as she approached.  She handed the water to Sandara and looked out to the sea.  "Wow, it is so lovely here.  Peaceful.  We should both quit our jobs and move here forever."  She laughed and looked into her daughter's pale green eyes, "I know, I know.  You would not be happy here... you want to give back now?  Is that it?"


Sandara's eyes were closed, her face tilted as if to greet the sunlight. It felt so good to have the sun on her face, to feel it's warmth radiating through her bones, her muscles. She sighed then straightened hearing her mother and she took the bottled of offered water.

"Thank you"

She opened the cap, her hand shaking a bit and she paused to let it relax before gripping it firmly and twisting it off. She drank deeply off the water and smiled as she gazed out across the waters, loving the feel of it's coolness as it kissed her toes.

"It is beautiful here but your right. For too long i have sat by and let you and Sis take care of the universe. It's my turn now."


"Your opinion of your sister and I is far too generous.  I am a politician, I try but... well there is only so much politics can do."  She refrained from speaking of Sandrine's lack of accomplishments.  Granted the girl made everyone around her feel good but she was nothing more really then a glorified party girl.  She had hoped one day that she would make an impact on the universe, but ever since the 'incident' Sandrine was nothing more then lost.  It pained Sophia to see her that way, but what more could she do?  As a mother she had to let Sandrine find her own path.  "I can see so much for you Sandara, so much.  I have dreams of you finding a way to cure diseases that have plagued people for centuries, genetic anomalies and countless other things."  Sophia smiled at her daughter and let the ocean splash at her feet.

"Sandara, I know you are just starting out but... what would you say if I was told there was an organization within the federation that wanted you specifically to work on a project for them?"  Sophia looked back into her daughter's pale green eyes and let her eyes dance over the freckles that crossed the bridge of her nose, "What if there was someone who's family somehow was genetically poisoned, similar to the way you were as a baby.  That no one in this family could reproduce and the family would die with the last three members.  And that they wanted you to help find the cure, or at least help the family fight it as best they can?"


Sandara missed her sister but knew she ad to find their own way. They all did, thats what life was about, endless crossing paths that built or ruined the future. She looked to her mother, listening to her view of her and she just smiled as she she looked to her hands blankly. Her mother had lost her once and it had nearly destroyed her, she wanted to share her pain with her mother but knew it was best if she did not.

"whats this?"

She looked to her mother, her interest piqued. All the things her mother wished for her would never be. Their wasn't enough time but this. This was possibly something she could do.

"Of course mother, I would be more then happy to help them.... but... I am supposed to be going away."


Sophia smiled at her daughter and put an arm around her pulling her slightly against her.  She felt cold oddly, "Do you need to put on a sweater?  I have one back at the towel if you need it?"  Sophia was warm, but then again lately she has felt like she was always warm when Sandara was always cold.

"You would still go away.  This person would be made your partner on your new ship.  You would be a cadet and add this to your workload.  It would be alike a concentration of sorts.  These people have seen that when it comes to genetics you have a talent that far surpasses not just anyone of your age but anyone.  They also told me that you refused an offer from a Vulcan academy, before the war began.  That your official reason was you didn't want to waste anymore time studying, you wanted to practice?  Is this true?"  Sophia squeezed Sandara gently, "It is very nobel, and it is why they want you to work for a cure.  They want you practicing too."


Sandara was quiet as she looked back out across the waters. Sure she refused the Vulcan academy but not just to practice medicine. Just before the offer she had found out the results of her own condition. She felt that it was important not to waste the rest of her life hoping for a cure when she could maybe find a cure and if not she could help others. These were things she would never tell her mother.

"I am fine mom"

She looked back to her with a smile, so these people heard about her aptitude with genetics. Well if they were infected like she had been then of course she would help.

"Of course I'll help Mom. You know I will"

For as long as she could at least.


Smiling Sophia took her daughter in both arms and hugged her.  "I knew you would, I know how big your heart is."  She looked up and down the beach and after feeling sure they were mostly alone she gestured to the towel.  "Sit down, there is a little more to this."

After they both sad down Sophia sat across from Sandara facing her with her legs crossed.  "These people, inside the federation.  Well you see most of the federation don't know they exist.  And they are not just within the federation, they are in many governments and societies.  It is sort of a secret society, made up of people who are working for the common good.  They try to stop bad things from getting too big, but they also try not to interfere if they can.  They work on things like curing made made ailments like genetic tampering, that's what they want you to do.  The thing is, to work for them, you have join them, and you have to vow never to let anyone know about them.  The only people who find out, are the ones they allow you to recruit."

Sophia ran her hand lovingly against the back of Sandara's hand, "I guess you can tell, since I am the one telling you all of this, I am one them.  Also, as I have found out, there are quite a few people who been a good influence on your life who are also part them."  All smiles and hopeful looked Sophia asks, "So what do you think Baby?"


Sandara was quiet. It sounded all Xmenish to her, secret society, out to do good, triumphing over evil. Well she supposed she should confide in her mother about her own situation but what good would that do? Then again how would her mom feel when she was gone and never knew why?

"It all sounds well and good mom but... I am not sure how much good I can do for them you see... I... i been to see Doctor Jenkins again."


And that was when Sophia's world collapsed.  "What do you mean Baby?"  It all came crashing in on her, the night sweats, why she was always cold, how frail she seemed to be at times.  "You got better, you don't need him anymore, right?"  She said as if her will could keep her daughter healthy.   Her daughter was a metron, thought to be a god by some races, she could not be ill, she could not go first.  Sophia was the weak one, the human that would pass as her children remained eternally young.  She could barely hold it all in, as she tried her best to remain strong, a single tear slipped past her cheek.


See, that was exactly what she wanted to spare her mother. The pain, the anguish but it would have been worse had her mother never known till she died. She reached out and brushed the tear away, bringing the droplet to her lips and kissing it from her thumb.

"Mom, it's... it's going to be alright"

No it wasn't but she wanted to give her mom hope, after all there was always a chance for some miraculous break through.

"Before I left for the desert I learned that the cellular breakdown of my genetic structure has begun again. We don't know why. It's why I turned down the Vulcan academy."


Sophia got to her knees, "So we find your sister, get her here, have her heal you again.  And if you can work on that klingon boy..."  She paused, "That was to be your assignment, the one you are to help.  He is a Klingon, his family has always been a part of the confederation.  Only, most of them don't know it till they are much older.  Now that they aren't producing offspring they would be lost... anyways, if you can help him, then he can help you.  Help you find a way to stop this, for good."  Sophia had rambled on, she didn't even realize she dropped the name confederation, but she had.  All she could see was her daughter, she was determined to make sure that this great organization they were going to help could help her back in return.

Stopping herself and trying to control her panic she shook her head and wiped at her face with her hands, "Have you tried to contact Sr. Rose?  I know you don't realize this but she was a great asset to Dr. Jenkins in working out how to keep you stable all those years, she might be able to help."  So much information was buzzing through her head, it was hard to keep it all in.


"Mom... Mom... calm down."

She leaned over and curled her arms about her and hugged her tight. Her mom and her sister had been the universe to her. She loved them so much and so completely, the fact that she had lived long enough to be such a large part of their lives was more then she had ever asked for. If she did today she could die feeling complete having known them.

"Everything will be alright and I will help this organization and this boy. Not because they could help me but because I want to help, because i want to make a difference."

She leaned back and cupped her mothers face and kissed her brow before rubbing her nose against hers.

"Leave Sandrine be. She has her life to live. Just have faith, things will turn around and Dr. Jenkins is looking into all options."


She tried to calm, and Sandara made it easier to.  Sandara has a soothing effect on her.  Sandara had a soothing effect on everyone.  It seemed that very few people could get angry in her presence.  She was able to relax everyone she was around.  Where most people wanted to be near Sandrine as if by some supernatural force, anyone who got near Sandara was simply happy and relaxed.

"Ok, I will try and calm.  But if I hear from your sister I am telling her to come home."  She smiled.  "So you will join the confederation?  That is wonderful, you just have to know, you can't tell anyone, not even your sister, OK?"


There was a time where Sandara wanted to be like her sister but that was not her fate and to tell the truth she really did enjoy being the person she was.

she smiled to her mom and nodded, not arguing about Sandrine. These days she doubted Sandrine would call. She smiled a hopeful smile to her mom and nodded in understanding.

"I understand mom."
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