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Nuchtchas (Nutty, NIMLAS, however you know me)

Iras and Nuchtchas

Setting: Star Trek (Pridelandia)
Players: Nuchtchas (Nuchtchas) / Crys (Iras)


Nuchtchas was on her way back to the palace after a rather fulfilling lunch at one of the local establishments. She had feasted upon grwrots and tardenbeast ribs, the chef had made a sauce that was both fire hot spicy and sweet so as to induce finger licking. One of the good things about no longer holding the responsibility of the entire empire's military force and relations was that Nuchtchas could actually have time to interact with the people of her self claimed home-world.

"Sir, I mean Knight, I mean, Sir Nuchtchas?" A week voice disrupted Nuchtchas's thoughts and stopped her in her tracks. The small voice came from a rabbitoid who looked rather petrified. "Sir I must speak with you, begging your pardons?"

Nuchtchas looked about and stepped over to the side of the road with the hare and looked him over. "There is nothing to fear, what is it?"

"I would not like to bring this news to the palace you see, I suppose it would be best if... well and then I saw you come along and I knew you would know the right thing."

"Spit it out!" Nuchtchas commanded.

"It is the princess, you see my nephew just came down from the hills and he said that he saw the princess up there, getting into it with some local cubs." He nervously spoke fidgeting with his thumb and ear all the while.

Nuchtchas held back a growl, "Which Princess? And how old are these cubs?"

The rabbitoid pulled back a little and winced out, "Iras?" Almost as if he were unsure if he were to answer wrong what his fate might be. "And I think the cubs are about her age too, no more then one or two, you know, not little ones but not adults."

Nuchtchas raked back her hair with he fingers, "Why am I not surprised?" She shook her head and pulled out a hair tie to wrangle her unkempt locks into a makeshift braid. "You did well in alerting me, I will handle this just fine. Let me guess, they are up those hills there, just at the border of the danger zone where cubs know not to play?" She watched his head nod and cocked a grin, "It would not be Iras if she was not bending or breaking some kind of rule. Or all of them."

Nuchtchas turned from her path to the palace and swaggered off to the hills. Iras was a complicated cub, while her twin brother spent most of his youth in labs or with his nose in a book she was always out exploring, getting messy or in trouble. She had a wild streak in her, something that reminded Nuchtchas of her deceased mother Lee Sona, and it reminded her of her own wayward youth.


In truth, most of her rebellious nature stemmed from the fact that she had been so ill as a young cub. The infection braught on by the traitorous old queens genetically altered insects had nearly done her in. But with the help of the Gypsy Priestess Sha'Ari she had been mended and nutured back to health.

For a Princess she certainly wasn't all lady like. Forget ruffles and frills and give her a sword or Batleth(sp) She was all rough and tumble like a boy and one had to wonder if nature had gotten the twins all mixed up in the womb.


She roared, one of them had insulted her brother and he wasn't even here to defend his honor so Iras had to do it. One of the other cubs already had a bloodied nose.



Nuchtchas had made her way up the hill rather swiftly yet she hung back watching the scene unfold. She did not want to interrupt until she had too. Iras was a spunky cub, she was defiantly the one to fight first, over her brother was the stronger of the two when it came to warring. Yet Vinnie was more pragmatic was a better planner. Since the time of their birth Nuchtchas could envision them ruling Pridelandia together, the law of the land stated that the first female to be born was to be the heir, and as all of the other princesses were adopted or born off world it was deemed that Iras would be that heir. In Pridelandian society it was the female that was the ruler, the female was the huntress and for years before Simbaka's own pride started to form females were scarce among his line. Iras was the first female cub in decades, aside from Beatricea which was unknown at that time. Still as they grew and their own personalities developed Nuchtchas could see Iras looking to Vinnie for help, for them to rule together. He would be the stratgian and the planner, she would be the impassive one who laid down the law. It was a happy thought to Nuchtchas, since to her she thought the empire being run by a ruler with a strong supporter how helped out worked rather well for LK and her through the years.

Finally when she had seen enough Nuchtchas let out a low guttural growl and pushed her way past the bushes. All of the cubs save for Iras froze still as she kept on yelling. Their eyes transfixed on Nuchtchas, their mouths agape.

Nuchtchas narrowed her eyes and looked them over, "You are the butchers." She said as she pointed to one of the cubs, "And you belong to the jeweler on 9th ave." She sniffed the air a bit, "I know where all of you belong, not a one of you belongs so close to the danger zone."

As the cubs started to retreat Nuchtchas raised her fist, "Not so fast! There was much shouting here, and I command that you tell me what in Aslan's name you think you are doing?" She looked finally over to Iras, "All of you!"


Iras looked to Nuchtchas, she never flinched. Never waivered. Her gaze was like steel. She wasn't chalanging her mentor, her teacher but she was angry and so her expression was hard.

Her head snapped around as the other cubs bean to slink away and she growled. Cowards! Her paws curled into fists and her tail swished in excited anger. She was the first to speak. Her voice firm so the other cubs wouldn;t forget why they were their.

"The spoke off colored words about my brother. I chalanged them. We came here. I will have saticefaction. They will either take back their words or I will meet each in combat!"


Nuchtchas looked about at the cubs, it was clear that Iras's words were true, then again Iras was never one to fib. She told the boldface truth no matter how much trouble it got her in. This was one of the things Nuchtchas admired about the youth.

"Well then, "Nuchtchas finally spoke and stepped back, "I can't interfere in a honor conflict. By all means, hack away at them. Use every technique you have learned from me, and from your practical experience. I intend to savor this battle. Just let me know if you require weapons." Nuchtchas spoke so matter of factly and as if her talk of carnage was no different then giving instructions for how to operate a transporter. The other cubs looked at each other with fear. The great Knight whom they were sure would have come to stop the fight was going to let Iras exact her vengeance. What more was that she offered weapons.

"I TAKE I BACK!" a high pitched squeak came from a tiger cub in overalls, he was the youngest of the group and was receiving hateful glances from the rest of them. "We just don't think it is fair, your brother is pampered and we have chores and the like to do. He never plays sports, he never does anything really feral like and we saw him in that fancy land scooter. It's not fair!"


Iras would have given them quite the thrashing. She had been taught and taught well but she did what was honorable and gave them the chance to take it back. She nodded when the tiger cub gave her saticefaction and her hands unclenched even if she didn;t quite relax her body.

"My Brother has other duties. Far more strenuos then you can imagine. While we have the freedom to play he must always study. What he flies he built himself. Nothing was ever just handed to either of us. Hard work teaches appreciation and humility they are values my father and mother instill in us both. I NEVER want to hear words against him again! Never judge unless you know the whole truth!"


Nuchtchas just watched as the cubs made their apologies and slunk off. Here eyes never leaving Iras. With her arms folded she began to speak, "You know Iras, you could have taken them. Sure they had you in numbers, but you are a wild child, when you get mad and let lose there is no stopping you. Besides the only training they have is playing with swords in the street, you have been trained since birth. Being a warrior is more then just desire, and for you it is not just a birthright but your ancestry, on both sides." Nuchtchas paused to watch Iras's expression and then continued, swiftly so as to not let her dwell on thoughts of her birth mother, a mother she had never met. "I am glad you gave them an out, it was not exactly a fair battle ground, and I think you are ready for more then a scuffle in the woods." As Nuchtchas spoke thoughts were forming in her head. She was thinking of the mentoring she gave to Catsia's cubs, she thought about forcing Miral to accept her guidance, and she thought about the missing hole in her life now that she was retired. She really did miss being a mentor and trainer to the youth. Sure she still kept her eye on a few, and continued with personal training, but so many of have grown past need of her.


Iras' expression was brooding. She very rarely smiled unless she was with her brother. Vinny always seemed to know exactly what to say or what to do to lighten Iras' mood.

She stood there watching the other cubs leave, her body didn't relax until she was absolutely sure they were gone. She had a long memory and she could remember the old queens treachery far to well. She had been only a tiny cub then but she and Vinny were far from ordinary.

She turned, lifting her head a bit, her brow quirked having expected a scolding for being where she should not. It never came. She faced Nuchtchas fully and bowed to her then nodded.

"They are young and do not fully understand everything yet. I could not allow them to tarnish my good brothers name but neither did i want to fight the ignorant."


Nuchtchas nodded and unfolded her arms as she stepped closer to Iras. Her eyes never leaving the cub, "I agree, and it shows maturity that you gave them the option to save themselves. " Nuchtchas looked around and then motioned to the red borders not far off, "A little too close to the danger zone you know. Mature you may be, but not enough to go out there alone." Her voice was stern yet logical. "Come, walk with me." She commanded rather then ask and started off down the hill towards the town, "I have come to the conclusion that your training needs to be a bit more specialized. As you know your brother spends a lot more time in the lab and the library then you do. His training is already adapting to his strengths. I think it is time we kicked your up a notch, it is high time we play to your strengths."

Nuchtchas looked back and paused to let Iras catch up. Just watching the cub move she could see pieces of bother her father and her mother. Her movements were graceful like her father as she snaked through the bushes and still forceful like her mother as she pushed back branches with such force. Nuchtchas honestly had no idea what Iras thought of her birthmother. She had died the same day she gave birth to her, poisoned by Zira, that poison making both cubs extremely ill in their infancy. Then later an impostor returned claiming to be Lee Sona, she had everyone fooled at first. Even Nuchtchas wanted to believe she had returned, though the cubs were so small then she wondered if they had even a faint memory of that now. As for their step mother, Kefira, they were a little bigger when she came into their lives. It appeared that they had accepted her as a mother, yet Nuchtchas wondered with Iras. She had such a resentful disposition it made a person wonder. "There is one thing, if we are to begin training as I would like, I would be your tutor. I would be taking you on, you would be at my side much of the time. This leaves you a choice you know of course. If I take you on, then there will be long periods of time that you will not be with your brother, I know how inseparable you two are, but I would need to take you off world." She would also have to inform a very protective father that she intended to take his young daughter off world for the first time in her life.


Iras looked across the land to the red borders. Her expression was neither one of mischeif or appologetic when it was pointed out toher. They were close but Iras knew enough to cross it. A place was needed for the duel and this had been clear and out of populations way. She merely noddef to Nuchtchas showing that she had heard her.

She moved to Nuchtchas' side as commanded, she knew there were times to push against bounderies but tis was not one of those times. Nuchrchas needed to speak to her and Iras wanted to hear what she would say. She was quiet, sometimes too quiet. Her face void of expression it made one wonder what it was the young cub thought about most of the time. Right now she was a bit angry that those cubs would theink her or her brother pampered. What she wouldn't give to run free and play like they did. Nuchtchas praised her growth but Iras had to wonder if much of her and her brothers childhood had been sacrificed for it.

"When I am Queen there will be times when I will need to be off world and away from him. Perhaps it is best that I learn now rather then later."


Nuchtchas gave a small smile and nodded her head to Iras, "This is exactly my thinking. This and, you are wild, and it is one of your strongest traits, but you also need to learn how to not lose control of yourself when in that state, and this too is something better learned now then before you do become queen."

Nuchtchas continued on the path and down to the street below. She waited for Iras at the bottom and continued speaking when she had rejoined her. "I am not going to tell you this is easy. It is hard and I will not treat you the same as I always have. I will be your mentor, that is much more then..." Nuchtchas trailed off, she was not exactly sure what title to give herself in relation to Iras. The cubs had always called her Knight Nuchtchas, yet she never acted as a Knight to them, or at least not how she did to strangers. She was much more. Sure she trained them, taught them the basics of war, lessons in discipline and honor, much that anyone would do within their own family. She also had held them when they were very small. She let them scamper about her chambers as they grew and allowed them to drop in anytime they wanted to now in her cabin. They were of the few in her life that she cherished, the few whom she gave the highest gesture of all. At times she would press her thumb to their forehead, it was a small gesture that outsiders never noticed or understood. It was what she did to her prized ones, her family. There were no legal bounds, no honorary titles and no blood to link them with familial ties, yet in her heart they were her family.

Finally Nuchtchas broke her silence and thoughts, "I will be a teacher, not nearly as nice as I have been." Surely now Iras was thinking over how Nuchtchas's behavior up till now was not typically considered nice or easy, but Nuchtchas never followed the rules of normal or typical. "But just because I am you mentor does not mean that anything changes between us. When you need me to be... nice, I will be. I will always strive to be what you need, just now I think you need me as a teacher."


"Need you more as a teacher and less as a mother?"

Thats how Iras had seen her. Shehad always taken her Que from Nuchtchas. Sure she had Kefira and spoke of her and honored her and loved her like a mother but she was not her mother and there had always been Sha'Ari and Nuchtchas. Sha"Ari was nice and all but she looked to her as an Aunt and a Spiritual leader where she saw Nuchtchas in a higher light. Perhaps Nuchtchas didn't realize she was seen this way but there it was.

"I understand. I must learn to be both kind and firm. To be a rock and at the same time the wind. Easier to learn when my responcibilities are not as life altering as it will be when I am Queen."


It is hard to steal the words out of this Klingon's mouth, to make her speechless and in shock, yet Iras had done it. Just those small words from her small mouth had made Nuchtchas stop in her tracks. Never before had she received any place of honor so high, not even LK who was the fist she had taken into her heart as family had ever given her a familial title, it was not proper, it was out of place. Those words haunted Nuchtchas and she made sure to choose her words with care.

"You honor me, and perhaps someday I can be worthy of such and honor. Perhaps someday I can help you to know a piece of who your own mother was, for now I can only do what these hands can do." It was a variation of an old proverb, softened and made right for the situation.

"I do not know how to teach you to be a Queen, but I will help you become the strong woman a Queen must be." Nuchtchas nodded softly to her and then straightened her back, "But first we musst break the news to your father. We must let him know that his little girl is going to have me on her back day and night. You know how protective he is, this will be a treat."


Iras was quiet, it was not something to make a big deal about it was simply a verbalization of what she was feeling. There have been times where Iras had been likened to a Vulcan. Her expressions and emotions were so controlled even her anger. Forexample, had she not been in as much control as she had been today she probably would have thrashed those cubs with out much of a thought. But she had held back, showed her anger as was appropriate but did not act with anger.

"I will give 110 percent as always."

She replied in a soft promise. Honestly she did not know how her father would take the news. He did not like her going off on her own or being anywhere with out an escort though as a young cub she found many ways to elude her gaurds.


There was something rather reverent about Nuchtchas's relations with the cubs, where Iras was rebellious with everyone else she showed a lot more respect with Nuchtchas. They all did, she often wondered if it was fear, though if that were the case they would not be so keen on spending any time at all with her.

"You will give me more then one hundred and ten percent, you will give me blood, sweat and you soul." Nuchtchas's eyes flashed, "Because that is the kind of determination it will take. There will be times when you hate me or want to fight me, but you will work through all that." Nuchtchas let out a soft chuckle, "I can not wait to see who you turn out to be."

She then slung her arm around Iras and lead her up the street and towards the palace. "Come, we will send a message to your father and we will celebrate this decision with a raid of the kitchens."


"If that is the cost"

Iras didn't even crack a smile. She knew what Nuchtchas said was truth and she thought about it. She wondered if she was really ready but knew she had to be. it was now or never. Time was short. She did not know yet what kind of Queen she would be but she hoped she was a good one, A wise one. She prayed softly to Aslan for Guidance. She would need his strength to continue on.

"Kitchens? I like Kitchens"

Finally Iras cracked a small smile and linked her arm about Nuchtchas waste and followed her to the palace.
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